It is good that you have your teeth checked periodically by the dentist; it is essential; however, it does not end there. It is imperative that you homecare dental routines that are thorough and should be practiced every day, in order to promote good dental hygiene, prevent dental issues from happening in the future, and also increase the confidence and warmth in your smile. In order to maintain healthy dental hygiene, you need to use oral hygiene aids, and there are so many of them that you can get over-the-counter; however, it is important that you know what works for what. Below are some oral hygiene aids to help you achieve a healthy dental hygiene:

  • Dental Flosses

This is used to clean interdental places between our teeth, where the brush cannot reach. The floss should be used two times daily.

  • Interdental Brushes

These are tiny brushes that can be used alongside dental flosses, as they are good for cleaning the teeth’s contours.

  • Toothbrushes

You may decide to use the manual toothbrushes, or decide to opt for the electric toothbrushes, whichever you pick, it is best to see results. It is recommended that you use brushes with soft brittles, to avoid damage to the gum. Manual brushes should be changed every three months.

  • Tongue Cleaners

These are devices that are specially designed to clean the fungi, food debris and bacteria off the tongue, and it is recommended that the cleaning should be done before brushing.

  • Mouth Rinses

You can get this from your drugstore; however, there is the cosmetic type, and there is also the therapeutic type, and studies have shown that the cosmetic type is not really effective at dealing with plaque, hence, there is the need to check with your dentist or dental hygienist.

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